The world’s creamiest, most vivid one coat coverage non-fired Opaque Stain.


Intense Translucents are highly concentrated hues rich in vivid color pigments. They are oil-based and partially water soluble. Use these shades to enrich drybrush techniques, or alone for an incredible translucent finish.

First prime your piece with Bisque Primer (750,751 & 752) a white water-based opaque color product that offers a unique amount of sealant to bisque. Must be sealed. Perfect Matte Spray (761) is a spray fixative with a color enhancing sheen.  Our I.T. Kit (770) contains; A jar of each color (700-719), plus Bisque Primer (750) & Antique Media (763)


Paste Oil-based Antiques can add subtle color to enrich base coats, create a translucent effect, or help you to achieve a deep color. And don’t forget to seal them with Perfect Matte Spray to make that finish last forever.


Pickling Stains

These wonderful water-based washes can be used on bisque or over a base coat to quickly and easily create a beautiful washed finish that includes a golden glimmer. Available in 2 oz squeeze bottles $2.60/ea, Pints $14.75/ea or Gallons $105.00.


We suggest that you contact your nearest distributor for best prices & service and check out our upcoming Kimple Color seminars. No matter what effect you are looking for, Creative Paradise’s quality color products will help you express your creativity like no other color line can!


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